PCs and Parts are a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher (MAR) this means we are partnered with Microsoft to implement innovative ways to transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future for our planet. This results in millions of PCs and all types of consumer end-of-life electronics being recycled. A refurbished PC is great value when you buy from a (MAR) plus you have the added benefit of reducing e-waste worldwide.

In addition to this, giving new life to PCs helps communities around the world.

Our refurbishment program adheres to rigorous industry standards in order to bring every device up to Grade A+.

A typical desktop computer or laptop will go through the following stages:

1) Visual Inspection
The device is inspected full for any visible cosmetic marks or damage.

2) Audit and Update
The device is completely data-wiped in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (the DPA) also all errors related to the device are logged on our database for 

3) Cleaning Process
The device is cleaned thoroughly, including all internal components and all external features, such as the casing.

4) Full Testing
At this point, the device is put through a comprehensive set of tests to industry standards and any errors are once again logged for completion.

5) Upgrading
The unit is upgraded to specification, whether it be the RAM, hard-drive or operating system.

6) Refurbishing
Now the unit enters the refurbishing stage to bring its cosmetic appearance up to Grade A+ to match the internal components. During this period the keyboard is 
replaced if needed and the lid may also be re-sprayed so it looks shop new.

7) Finalisation
At this point, the operating system will be activated and the item is packaged including 1 year free of antivirus software and information on how to activate the 
free 1 year warranty via www.registermyrefurb.com. All details are double-checked by our Quality Assurance Team before being shipped.

So, you can rest assured that any item bought from us has gone through an exceptionally rigourous series of tests for your peace of mind.

(eventually the text above will be accompanied by images down the right-hand side showing the journey of an item to Grade A+ standards)